My name is Angelo Bruno Salvetti and I was born in Castelnuovo Magra (SP) on 14th March 1959 and I am still living there.
Before getting near the world of runners, I was a football referee, reaching the 1° category with female teams.
At the end of that experience, I stayed still for 7 years, due to healthy problems and, later, I started doing some physical exercises by running around the streets of my village.
2004 I joined the ATHLETIC CENTRE in Favaro, near La Spezia, and, gradually I entered the world of competitions.
2006, thanks to my dear friend Paolo Callo, one of my colleagues at work, , I took part into a Half- Marathon in Livorno, realizing a time of 1h 28'( great time for me) and in that very moment, I decided to compete in a real marathon.
So I started training , day after day, hoping to arrive at the end of a long-distance race and, on 18th March 2007 at the
Great Marathon in Rome, I crossed the finishing line with a time of 3h18'7". It was fantastic!
From that moment on , I have not stopped any longer and, training after training, I realized my best time - 1h 27' at the
Half-Marathon in Lammari and , then, in December, I got another successful time of 3h 8' in the Marathon in Milan.
But I wanted to experience new emotions. So I decided to take part into an Extreme Marathon and, my wife, joking, proposed to me I should go into the desert.
As matter of fact, with the help of
Paolo Barghini, the ultra-marathon runner from Carrara, I kept on training hard and in March 2008, I left for the 100 km long race in the SAHARA desert, covering all the distance of 113 kms in 10h 26' 37" and reaching the 18th position.
Again in 2008, I competed in
La Colle Marathon in FANO, very exciting but tiring, with quite a good time of 3h 16' 42". An incredible experience that all the lovers of running should try , both for the beautiful places and for the good organization.
Later I trained for the
PISTOIA_ABETONE: a long-race in slope of 54 km, finished in 5h 25'29".
This competition like the
Mugello's, ended in 3h 23' 49", were useful to me for a really hard competitive race: the 250 km SAHARA RACE at stages(from 26 to 31 October) in the White Egyptian desert, which I finished with a time of 32h 54' 59", being placed seventh and first in 40/49 category and third European.
But, not even satisfied , on my coming back home, after 2 weeks, I wanted to keep my friend
Piero Campanella company in the Marathon of Florence, helping him reach his best time of 3h 22'.
I am sure I will not stop here , on the contrary, I have got great expectations for my future as a runner, without even disdaining half-way and long-way marathons.
I would like to keep on competing in extreme marathons all over the deserts.

Goodbye to everybody and have a nice time running.

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