So far, I have been running many ultra-marathons, 38 marathons, 85 half-marathons and countless competitions from 15 to 5 kms.
But I experienced the greatest emotions in the following mentioned races.

Competitions in Preparationo... 2016

In 2016, I have planned some competitions but the most important one , it will be in Tuscany, the 100km Firenze-Viareggio which is at its first edition. I hope to complete it and then, I will concentrate onto a good marathon in foreign lands, maybe.

Competitions done
Thirteen Salts Abbadia S. Salvatore (Si)
July 2015

A never tried new competition of 13 kms of a steep slope up to the peak of Mount Amiata. Closed in 1h20m05s, arrived 135th absolute on more than 800 competitors. Course To try again both for the landscape and for its hardness.

Pistoia Abetone
June 2015

I tried it again and I closed this competition with 16minutes less, stopping my time to 5h09m13s. Not bad, considering I am 7 years older than the first time I ran it.

Cortina - Dobiaco
June 2015

As I had said, I tried to run the distance of 30 kms  Cortina-Dobbiaco, but it was not that great because I suffered in the last kilometers. So I closed the competition 2 minutes more than last year that is in 2h17m19s. But I will make up for it soon.

Half - Marathon of Orbetello
April 2015

Run a half marathon working for the distance Cortina_dobbiaco competition, 2nd of Category in 1h34m08s.

Half - Marathon of Pisa

December 2014

First placed of my category mm55 with a time of 1H28’04” at the 168th position on the general classification on 1433 arrived.

Marathon of Italy Carpi Modena

October 2014

A best 2nd place of  category Mm55 in 3H15’36”. 76th absolute place on 520 arrived

Cortina - Dobiaco

June 2014

Nice competition where I ran 30 kms in 2H15’16”, 16th of category mm55 and 418th absolute place on 4427 arrived.
Surely, I will do that again

Marathon of Paris

April 2013

Very exciting competition even if the result was not that great since I ran in 3H24’38” placing the 3855th position on 49650 arrived. I would say that, in spite of all, I can be satisfied.

Pisa Marathon

December 2012

Unfortunately I was not able to finish the marathon within the time I expected to.
I added, to the 11 seconds of Milan, other 53 seconds.
Furthermore, I could not run a half marathon.The effort made in Sarzana  was really hard to recover. I will try again

A non-stop run of 12 hours to help children suffering from SMA.

June 2012

Exciting run of 109 kms and 980 m in 12 hours

Milano City Marathon
April 2012
Milano City Marathon Made my best time 3,00.11 Real Time
750 Kms in Italy for the SLA
12/6-24/06 2011
The Parma-Perugia-Padova race of 750 kilometers in 11 days is finished
100 kms of the Passatore
May 2011
100 kms of the passatore - I placed 74th among 1618 participants
Marathon De Sables 250 Kms in self-sufficiency
April 2010
Sahara Desert in Moroccot - I placed 276th among 1015 participants
St. Benedict of the Tronto 50 Kms on it sand-blasts
February 2010
11° absolute in 4 hours 25 minutes
Boavista 150 Km Non-Stop
December 2009
18°absolute place 2° of category Master in 28 hours 0 minutes
100 kms of the Passatore
May 2009
From Florence to Faenza Non-Stop 10 hours 9 minutes
Marathon Padova
April 2009
Marathon di Sant' Antonio Made my best time 3,05.36 Real Time
Half Marathon in Pistoia
March 2009
Made my best time 3,05.36 1.25.13 Real Time
Marathon in Piacenza
March 2009
Competition done in training with the time of 3,17 in preparation marathon in Padua 09
Sahara Race
October 2008

Egypt - 250 Kms in self-sufficiency in 6 competitions.
7° absolute place, 3° of the Europeans and 1° of category Master

Marathon Mugello
September 2008
Pistoia Abetone
June 2008
102° absolute place in 5h 25' 29" 50 Kms in slope
Colle Marathon
April 2008
Half Marathon Nice
April 2008
100 Kms of the Sahara
March 2008
Tunisia - 100 kms in 6 competitions.
18° absolute place
Milano City Marathon
February 2008
Marathon in Roma
March 2007
30 Kms of the Duchess of Parma
March 2007
30 Kms Salsomaggiore
February 2007